Coffee Break Bible Study: Luke 7-11

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Read Luke 7.
How did the Centurion demonstrate faith?

Why do you think the woman anointed Jesus?

Read Luke 8.
What do you think Jesus was teaching through the story of the seeds?

What do you make of Jesus’ relation to family in verses 19-21?

Read Luke 9.

Jesus sends out the 12 here. What were some of His guidelines?

Referring to verse 23…what does it mean to “take up your cross”?

Read Luke 10.

Try to read the story of the Good Samaritan as if for the first time. What new thing stands out to you?

Now do the same with the story of Mary and Martha.

Read Luke 11.

Write out the Lord’s prayer, considering its meaning more deeply as you write.

How are you encouraged by verses 9-13?

If you like having questions to help you think about the chapters you are reading, you might be interested in my book, A Light for Your Path: Helping You Reflect on Each Chapter of the Bible. This book contains one question or thought prompter for every chapter of God’s Word.hope leaves


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