Coffee Break Bible Study: Ephesians 2-6 #bgbg2

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Read [biblegateway passage=”Ephesians 2″].

Write out verse 10, substituting your name.

Look at verse 19. Consider the “fellow citizens” you share life with. How can you bless them today?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Ephesians 3″].

Look through Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians in verse 14-19. Is this how you pray for your friends? Consider praying for their spiritual growth through trials, not just a specific outcome you all want.

How does verse 20 bring you hope?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Ephesians 4″].

How can verse 2 apply to your actions in the workplace today?

According to verse 12, what are spirtual leaders (i.e. pastors, ministry leaders) to do?

Read [biblegateway passage=”Ephesians 5″].

In verse one we are to be __________ of God. Verse 2 gives us a “how.” What is it?

Ponder verse 15.

Read [biblegateway passage=”Ephesians 6″].

What does Paul have to say about various family relationships?
Take your time reading verse 10-18. What pieces of armor do you need to concentrate on today?


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