Coffee Break Bible Study: 2 Corinthians 6-10 #bgbg2

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Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 6″].

How did Paul and his ministry partners keep their ministry from being discredited?

Why does Paul say not to be “yoked” with unbelievers? How does this differ from being cordial and friendly to unbelievers?


Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 7″].

How does Paul feel about the Corinthians?

How did Paul’s “letter” (likely referring to another letter such as 1 Corinthians) “hurt” the believers? How does hurt sometimes help?


Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 8″].

What did the Macedonians do?

Write out verse 7. How does generosity cooperate with excelling?


Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 9″].

Write out verse six.

What is the great gift you have received from God?


Read [biblegateway passage=”2 Corinthians 10″].

What does it mean to take a thought captive?

Should a Christian boast?




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