Are You In? An Open Letter

Hello Followers, Friends, and Family:

I’m doing something important.

HOPE Unlimited has been in existence since 2005 and it’s been quite a journey! Thank you to those of you who have “been around” since early on!  Along the way, I’ve gained subscribers, and I’ve decided to take a big step.

I am conducting a major list clean up for A Breath of HOPE and all HOPE marketing, tip, and information emails.  This is in part due to the upcoming deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation. While that currently only affects interaction with subscribers who may be in the European Union, I have decided it is good timing to establish a new mailing list made up of those who are sincerely interested in hearing from me regularly in this season of their professional life.

I understand that there is a LOT of information out there to help you in your professional life. I also relate with the idea of seasons…of connecting with a resource for a period of time, but also deciding to move on at some point.  (I’ve done that.) Life changes. Career changes.  Training needs change. Maybe you don’t need the kind of tips and encouragement I provide anymore. Maybe you are no longer interested, or have retired.  Here’s your chance to depart quietly.

But maybe you want to dive in and be part of the smaller, more engaged community I hope to build with this change. A community of

Followers: people who want to see and read resources and enjoy freebies

Friends: people who want to help support HOPE financially and be members of something unique, special and fun

Family: people who need our services and become active clients

If any of those categories apply to you, and you want to continue to receive my weekly blog AND occasional announcements that may include product and service information, sales, giveaways, etc. you need to click here to subscribe to a fresh new list (if you haven’t already.)

If you are a current subscriber,  you MUST subscribe to the NEW list before May 25th.* in order to receive A Breath of Hope and other emails without interruption  After that time, I will be using the new list to send out my emails.

This is essentially a fresh start to build focused engagement with the overwhelmed but hopeful professionals who want to benefit from my resources and/or services on a regular basis.  I’ll still be posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Linked In (see my contact page for links to them all) and blogging regularly right here at the site. So even though subscribing by email is the best way to get content and announcements, you can stay in touch via any channel you wish.

Whatever you decide, thank you for being a follower of HOPE Unlimited.  I hope to stay connected with  many of you for years to come!


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