Are You Drinking Enough?

The US is currently experiencing a heat wave, so I welcome this timely information as a special guest post from Quill (with an infographic designed by Ghergich & Co. )

When you think of all the necessities for your employees to do their jobs well, you probably think about the basics like desks and computers. But what about a more basic need—water?

Of course, everyone knows that we all need water; it’s what the body is mostly made up of. But what many don’t realize is that even sitting at an office job, you’re likely to lose water—it just happens. When you lose water and don’t replace it, you’re inhibiting your brain function, which also inhibits cognitive skills like clarity and focus. All of that can happen to every employee at work, which means their output is likely to suffer, too.

There are things you can do at your workplace to help your employees hydrate more each and every day. Use this graphic to figure out how you can make your workplace a better, more hydrated environment.

Water to the Rescue: Is Dehydration Draining Your Employees?
Infographic by Quill

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