A Thank You and a Special Message

Beth at coffee shop

I’m sitting here at one of my favorite writing places, enjoying a cup of coffee, thankful as I wrap up the 10th Birthday month of HOPE Unlimited. I thought it fitting to take today’s blog post to reflect a bit and share with my reader family my thanks and what they can look forward to in the future.

By the time this post goes live, and the birthday month is over, I’ll have given away 10 Chick-Fil-A cards, thanks to Sims & Karr Financial Solutions, provided several blog posts with lists of 10 great helps to overwhelmed professionals, shared our first collaborative post (thanks, contributors–join in the next one here!) and have added several new clients.

On a personal level, I celebrated a birthday, enjoyed a meaningful wedding, got into a bowling league, (enjoying the surprise of reaching a personal goal and bowling my highest game ever) and journeyed through the sometimes confusing and frustrating process of discerning some vocational/business choices with the help of God, my husband and family, and dear friends. I’m also seeing the effect of stress on people as a whole and coming to understand that I can continue to be of help to overwhelmed professionals, whether directly in client support or indirectly in providing resources.

The tricky part of that is to make wise decisions about what and how much to offer and when, since HOPE is a business with a mindset influenced by ministry and I hope, generosity, and I need to be careful not to become too much of an overwhelmed professional myself! I’m taking it one leading at a time.

So this month (May 2015), I am offering access to the Virtual Training Classroom (VTR) Conquer Your Calendar: 12 Keys to Taking Control and Feeling Less Stress with Your Commitments in a unique way. I want ANYONE to be able to access these materials because I believe they will help you become less stressed. I don’t want finances to keep you from getting this resource. At the same time, the information is valuable and the education is worth some investment. So I’ve decided to offer the class at a “Pay What You Want” basis. Passes are available from now through the end of the month. The quicker you join, the more time you’ll have to go through the materials on your own and if you wish, be part of the Facebook group.  Please join in! (or at least view the free 5-minute class.)

In addition to the above, I plan to continue the weekly blog post on Mondays, the 5 on the 15th newsletter on the 15th of each month and remain active on several social media channels, sharing tips and encouragement to bring HOPE to overwhelmed professionals. I also plan to continue to create resources/books for the foreseeable future. (I’m available for speaking, consulting, and virtual assistant opportunities as well if that is applicable to you or someone you know.)

So, thank you for celebrating HOPE’s 10th birthday with me last month. Please stay in touch and let me know how to bring HOPE to you so you can feel a little less overwhelmed at work!

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