15 Ways to Be Ready for Company (any time of the year)

CA-guests.jpgDoes your heart rate increase when company is coming? Here is a list of 15 ways you can keep your home–and yourself–ready for company no matter whether a holiday is coming or not!

1. Keep non-perishable snacks on hand (such as cheese sticks, 100-calorie cookies, etc.) and put them out in an attractive bowl or basket.

2. Always have some type of commonly liked beverage on hand such as soda or coffee.

3. Have at least one package of brownie mix or some other dessert mix in case you want to provide a quick dessert. Particularly quick are the refrigerator cookies or cinnamon rolls that are easy to pull out and bake.

4. Keep easy meals available, especially if kids or teens tend to come over regularly. These include frozen pizza, mac & cheese, sandwich meat and  fresh bread.

5. Keep popcorn available to make up a big batch for a spontaneous movie night.

6. Keep the “guest triangle” areas of your home clean. This usually includes the bathroom most likely to be used by guests and the kitchen.

7. Keep your main entry area picked up as it is the first thing you and guests will see.

8. Keep doors closed on rooms that are not as likely to be “company presentable.” This usually includes bedrooms and perhaps bonus rooms. Unless you are giving a tour, you don’t need to open these rooms.

9. Keep sanitary wipes available for quick wipe downs of counters and sinks just before guests come over. Even small children can help with this.

10. Purchase a “quick vac” tool to do quick vacuuming of high traffic areas without pulling out a major vacuum cleaner.

11. Keep candles and/or fresh scent products on hand to have lit or going when a guest is coming by.

12. Keep board games accessible and possibly visible so that you can encourage guests to enjoy a game with you.

13. Consider purchasing battery operated candles with timers. This can assure that a “candle” is safely lit at a certain time every evening. Bonus: they turn off automatically. (Tip: purchase rechargeable batteries as dailyuse of these candles will use up batteries ever 4-6 weeks.)

14; If you have a guest room, always wash sheets and re-make bed soon after a guest has left. That way the room is ready for the next guest.

15. Keep a basket of travel size items in the guest room if you have frequent overnight guests.Also, treat yourself like a guest. You and your family are the ones who live in the house. At least on occasion, bake something just for your spouse and kids, not only when company is coming. Keep the house picked up so YOU can enjoy it, not just to “perform” for company!

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