The 7 Minute Organizing Challenge

Feeling overwhelmed by a messy home or office? Don’t know where to start to bring some order to the chaos? Try the Seven Minute Challenge.

1. Go to the area of the office, or room in the house, that is frustrating you the most. Bring an empty bag, box or other type of container with you.

2. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

3. From left to right, work your way around the area/room. DO NOT LEAVE THE AREA FOR FIVE MINUTES. As you find things that belong elsewhere, put them in the container.

4. Focus on doing a surface de-clutter, not a deep organization or even cleaning. If it takes less than five minutes to do the quick de-clutter, feel free to dust something or more deeply organize one very small thing.

5. When the timer goes off, set it again, for two minutes.

6. Spend the next two minutes putting everything in the container into the room(s)/area(s) where they belong, preferably in their assigned space, but at least in the room.

7. Take a breath and if you feel up to it, select another room/area of the house/office to attack, using the same system.

1) You must stay in the room/area for the full five minutes, or spend up to two minutes making your deliveries.
2) You are not doing a deep cleaning…keep moving from left to right.
3) Only do as many seven-minute segments as energize and encourage you.

Let me know how it goes!


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