Rest & Reflect Week: Three Questions to Guide Your Reflection

013-Refresh to a quiet place


Rest: set a timer for 60 seconds. Close your eyes. Listen for sounds around you. When the timer ends, jot down five sounds you heard, that you normally don’t pay attention to.


The end of a month is a good time to look back and think about what went well, what could have been better, and what you hope to do in the next month. Take a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What new skill or task did you learn in your work?

2. What professional relationship needs some improvement? What one step will you take this coming month to make that improvement?

3. Did you take care of yourself in a way to provide you energy for your work? (Part of this month for me was dealing with sickness–there’s no shame in succumbing to viruses etc. but I learned some things in the process…like how I overdid it before I was completely well.)


If you benefit from sharing your answers, feel free to comment!

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