Pointers for Professionals: 10+ Experts Weigh in on Productivity Apps

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Welcome to the first “Pointers for Professionals.” Because this is part of HOPE’s 10th Birthday Celebration, I was hoping for 10 contributions and I received 11!  Thanks everyone and also the Frontline Festival series over at Let’s Grow Leaders, upon which this post series is modeled.

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Jeff Baker (@jeffbbaker) of Shoes Optional currently uses any.do combined with Nimble CRM. Both allow for great integration with Social Media and a quick way to handle upcoming tasks. One of the ways he organizes his tasks and his weekly schedule is using a weekly formula.  Connect with Jeff.

Meredith Jones (@thismeredithj) of MeredithJ.com shares why she keeps coming back to Remember the Milk as her favorite productivity app – easy upkeep and great integration!  Connect with Meredith.

Matt McWilliams (@mattmcwilliams2) of MattMcWilliams.com throws out a totally contrarian view here – 6 Benefits of Getting RID of your smartphone. He got rid of his smartphone more than six years ago and thinks it might be a good idea for you too. Connect with Matt.

The one app Kevin Monroe  (@kevin_monroe) of Cairnway Center for Leadership Excellence relies on daily to boost productivity is Evernote. With it, all vital info is always accessible on any device. Connect with Kevin.

Being a curator of content & a learning junkie, Lanette Pottle (@positivitylady) of Positivity Lady Enterprises says: “Evernote is my favorite productivity tool. It saves me time by keeping me organized.” Connect with Lanette.

Holly Payne  (@hollyreneepayne) of HollyReneePayne.com is a Dropbox app fan, because it removes all geographic distance barriers from team collaboration and project sharing. Connect with Holly.

Amy Porter (@amylynn_porter) of Amy Gets Things Done  says her favorite app to keep productive is the 7-Minute Workout. It helps shake off the last project and focus on the next. Connect with Amy.

Lori Schofer  (@LoriSchofer) of Level UP Now Coaching has found an app that has increased her productivity – Nozbe. She’s able to keep track of multiple tasks with efficiency. Connect with Lori.

Suyenti Sunarto (@YentiSunarto) of Day 2 Day Concierge Service tells us her favorite productivity app is Google Voice. It helps to keep track of personal & business phone calls/texts, and voicemail. Connect with Suyenti.

Paul Tedder (@paulstedder) of AT Your Design shares: I use two apps to help me manage articles. Feedly for curating articles and Pocket for managing them. Together they make a great team. Connect with Paul.

Karina Whisnant (@livehispurpose) of Life in Abundance  shares that one of her favorite apps is Big Oven. It is a great software that holds both her own recipes as well as recipes they have already stored in the software. It is easy to add a recipe from either paper or online, and having the app on her phone makes it quite accessible when she is getting ready to cook her meal. It saves time in hunting for that “favorite” recipe. Connect with Karina.

Thanks again to our contributors.

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