Pets in the Office and Elements of a Productive Day: Your Freebies, Features and Fun for June

If you had to list at least four elements of a productive day at work, what would you add to the list? Good coffee? Limited interruptions? An inspiring spot to work?  A dog or cat?

I’m writing this at my favorite co-working spot and they have a cute dog that comes to the office. I played with a puppy in an office downstairs. It’s becoming common for animals to become part of the workplace scene. So I thought it would be fun to see what pets, if any, would be most desirable in the workplace, according to YOU.

Chime in on our one question quick poll here and I’ll report back next month.

June’s free download is a template of four elements to help you formulate a productive day more often than not. It’s available at June’s Freebies, Features and Fun page, along with a few more tips, thoughts, and fun items for the month.

Each month I feature a service available to you through HOPE Unlimited. This month’s featured service is our Refresh bundle of prompters/activities. I used to sell this for a set price, but have decided to offer it via my new Patreon page. This allows you to pledge whatever amount you want (minimum $1.00.) It’s an easy way to be a supporting member of HOPE Unlimited and I say thank you in advance!

Here’s to a productive June!

Photo is of Caper, provided by Endeavor Greenville.

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