One Key Quality, One Great Tool

A few weeks ago, I started doing a Facebook live once a week, discussing a topic of interest to overwhelmed professionals, and have been pleased to see how many people are viewing these.

I’m also delighted to have discovered a way to embed these into my site. So for this week’s post, I’m including the first three Facebook live presentations so you can catch up. Hereafter, on the weeks I do one, I will post it on the site on Thursdays. Those who subscribe should get the video along with the weekly blog post on Mondays.

To join us live or directly on Facebook, friend or follow me here.  I post an announcement the morning of the day I will do it. The presentation is 10 minutes or shorter (hence, Tips in 10) and often done at lunch time as a lunch and learn. But it’s always available to watch later as well!


From 9/8/16: How to Have a Successful Re-entry After Vacation

From 8/31/16: One of my favorite desk tools

From 8/24/16:  One of the Most Important Qualities of a Professional

For some reason, I cannot embed this one onto the post. But you can click here for it.

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