Happy Birthday

October Freebies – Happy Birthday to the FFF Page

Autumn is a very pleasant time in many areas. People are enjoying cooler temperatures, football games, the routines of school, and more.

October is also a good time to tweak processes in our own lives to mitigate stress and interruption.  I recently wrote a post, Making Notifications Work for You, in which I shared suggestions for minimizing the amount of “notification clutter” on your devices.

To complement that, this month’s freebie is a worksheet Giving Notice to My Notifications.  It’s a visual aid to help you think through which notifications you still need and what should be zapped.

Our poll this month continues the theme, asking you how many notifications appear on your phone at the time of taking the poll!

The October Freebies, Features, and Fun page also marks one year of offering this monthly page.  I hope you’ve been taking advantage of it!  And to celebrate the FFF page birthday, the gift to you is that the monthly HOPE Hints sheets, with a tip for each day of the month, will now be included each month as an additional downloadable freebie!  For those that may want this in their Google calendar, click here.  Yes–365 days of tips/motivational thoughts to help you excel and exhale.

I am glad to provide you free content and encouragement to excel and exhale in your work journey. I won’t lie though…financial gifts are always appreciated. If you’d like to say “Happy Birthday” to the FFF page, you can make a donation of any amount at this link! Thank you!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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