If I Were Helping Overwhelmed Politicians Excel

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The political climate in the United States right now is, in a word, embarrassing. We’re full of bravado, emotion, and just plain ridiculousness.

Normally, I help overwhelmed professionals excel. Professionals that are far more decent than what we’ve been seeing. So just for a few minutes, here are a few things I would do if hired to consult and help an overwhelmed politician excel. Feel free to apply them to yourself as a professional!

Remember what integrity means.

Integrity isn’t a word you throw around to sound credible. It means you live out what you say. (Which in some cases could be pretty scary.)

Honor your platform.

You have a lot of people who follow your lead. They defend you, they look to you for hope. That’s a huge responsibility. Steward it well.

Know your stuff.

It’s not enough to have big ideas–even to be able to communicate them. Do you sincerely know how to accomplish great things? Learn all you can about what it will take.

Show respect.

Some topics are just off-limits. Show some respect for your family and candidate’s families.

Surround yourself with good people.

You aren’t Superman or Superwoman. You’ll need a great team to help you along. Pick people of character that won’t stab you in the back later or use you just for their own ambitions.

Know when to quit.

Sometimes, you just need to stop. No project will go on forever. If you keep doing it for too long, it will waste time, resources and energy that can be used for new projects that have great meaning. Discern good timing.

What would you add to this list? While I don’t have the opportunity to help overwhelmed politicians, I CAN help myself and you. Contact meif you’ve reached the point of needing a little help, training or encouragement.


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