How the HOPE Family Encouraged Me

Some time ago, I faced a season of discouragement in this business. This defeated feeling was prompted by a mistake I’d made in book keeping despite my attempts to be careful and strategic in how I have my business set up.  But numbers are not my strongest point. (I defer bookkeeping clients to a member of our collective!)  

I can be good at visioning what information I want. I am strong at developing a system.  I can come up with a strategic approach. But I can also get over-complicated, making it easy to miss (for example) formulas that aren’t consistently applied throughout a workbook or a series of cells.  Thankfully, I discovered the mistake before any major damage was done. However, there was an effect on my income for a short time so that my account could build back.

I chose to post on Facebook about my discouragement. My approach to sharing with my readers (whether through blog or social media channels) is to be real, and generally optimistic. I don’t want to only portray the fun stuff of life, but I don’t believe in using these channels for pessimism or being whiny either.

However in this case, I admitted I was discouraged. And a community of people (both in real life and online) rallied around me and helped me navigate the journey of questioning that I found myself taking.  Here’s how they helped:

They reminded me I was not alone.  Several friends had gone through similar feelings in their own projects, and helped me see that “down times” were part of the business journey.

They affirmed what they saw in my character. It was touching and meaningful to be reminded of what others see in my character. I know my own brokeness, and that any good thing people see is the work of God in me. I am both humbled and encouraged that people see that values are important to me, despite inperfection.

They prayed for, and over, me. One of my friends used a video app to pray powerfully over me. Others expressed that they were praying.

They acknowledged that they read what I write. I wear many hats, writer being one of them. From time to time, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wondering if what I write makes any difference. But in this season, people responded who normally don’t comment or say much. But they were prompted to chime in, and sometimes suprised me. You just never know who is reading in the background, and receiving benefit.

Other things happened during the time around this brief season of discouragement–Scripture coming to mind, an unexpected interaction with two former bosses, a completely surprising gift of financial support, a sermon about the meaning of our work, even an out-of-the blue gift of a HOPE necklace–all of which served to remind, reaffirm, and re-energize me toward the calling of this season of my life.

I’m grateful for the HOPE family–whether you are primarily a reader, a client, a product-user, or a friend or family member–you are all collectively part of my HOPE Unlimited family. Thank you for helping me stay the course, realize my blessings, and continue the call to help overwhelmed professionals excel.



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