Happy New Year – New Freebies and Affordable Resources All Month Long

Happy New Year to you all!

Coming off the holiday season, we often feel like it’s time to simplify, buckle down, work on goals or new habits, and get a fresh start in several areas of our lives.

HOPE Unlimited is here to help and encourage you and I’m excited about some new ways to do that this year.

Over the course of January, I will introduce you to three free and/or affordable resources a week to help you excel and exhale.  Some are new, some are enhanced, and some may be classics that you may have forgotten.  Let’s get started with the first three!

  • Freebies and Features Page: January’s F&F page is up here. Get your free downloads and other info!
  • Refresh – Helping You Take Breaks that Work. I’m concerned for professionals (myself included sometimes) that don’t take a real, meaningful break or two during their workday. These fun exercises (that can be cut to fit into a planner) will help you do that.  The full January bundle is FREE as an introduction to this service. Click here for more info.
  • Today’s Name of God – this is our Hope in Action project for 2019. The goal is to discover and share 365 names/characteristics of God. The project is non-denominational. It’s ideal for anyone who feels that God is a foundation to their personal value system and who would appreciate the near-daily inspiration.  Posts begin on January 1st on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and there are other ways to see the names, too. Click here for the details.

That’s all for now! A very happy new year to all and watch for more freebies and affordables throughout January!


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