Four Fears that Affect Your Productivity


One of my biggest time management challenges is allowing enough time for each errand or task of the day. I am not strong at estimating how long something will take, or allowing for the inevitable interruptions or setbacks (i.e. from technology) that come my way. Sometimes I think there is a deeper reason for this than simply underestimating. It can become a heart issue, based in some fears, such as the following:

Fear of boredom. I am the kind of person that really enjoys being reasonably busy–meaning that I have plenty to do but like to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I fear being bored, so I enjoy having valuable tasks ahead for the day. But I can easily reach the tipping point of having too many tasks on the list and then get stressed trying to meet all the self-imposed expectations.

Fear of insignificance. I like to do things that cause people to think, to change, and to grow. In a strengths finder assessment, one of my strengths is significance–the desire to be important to people and do important things. But I can allow my personal drive to prove myself significant to cause me stress and pressure.

Fear of failure. I get a rush out of accomplishing a lot in a day. So I keep going because I don’t like the feeling of things being left undone. I was valedictorian in high school and have always been at least somewhat driven by achievement. I don’t like to fail at something and want to do a lot of things naturally well, sometimes without having to put a lot of work into it.

Fear of work. this may sound counterintuitive since I have workaholic tendencies. But, sometimes, hidden in that, is a laziness. For example, I can be on Facebook for an unreasonable amount of time each day. I can get a lot done because I’m fast, but that doesn’t mean I always do things well or give them enough thought in the process.

I could apply some time management principles to this, but the bottom line is that my fear(s) interrupt me sometimes from being truly productive and embracing each day. How about you?

Engage: Which of the four fears affects your productivity most?


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