Client Spotlight: Jon Verbeck

Fractional CFO and Business Consultant



Jon provides CFO services to companies who don’t need or have the budget for a full-time onsite CFO.  He has worked with hundreds of companies over the years, helping start-ups, troubled companies, and hyper-growth companies all manage the minefields of business, profit, efficiency and cash flow.  He believes all businesses have challenges and can do better and he loves helping them make huge improvements and thrive.  He also enjoys encouraging business owners in their personal goals.

How HOPE Unlimited supports Jon:

  • WordPress blog posting support including editing and finding photos
  • Linked In blogging
  • MailChimp email marketing
  • Creation of social media images and a social media library
  • Social media implementation
  • Platform building projects such as white papers and information pieces
  • Workflow suggestions

What Jon says about HOPE:

HOPE has been incredible resource for me.  Beth and her team has helped me take my business up a notch and allowed me to concentrate at what I’m best at.  She helps keep me on track with my goals and helps me get better, plus I’ve learned tips for improving my work flow (like how to keep my email in-box under control!)

What HOPE says about Jon:

Jon is a great client. He’s very collaborative and treats us like teammates. He’s willing to listen to our suggestions. He cares about providing practical, helpful resources in a field that can often be confusing to small business owners, and has a desire to keep growing, learning, and serving others in unique ways. We’re thankful to be on his team!

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