35 Healthier Snack Ideas from People Like You


Most of us like to enjoy a snack during our work day, but it’s easy to get into a rut and go to the same–sometimes unhealthy–items for a pick me up. I asked my Facebook friends to chime in on some healthy options…enjoy this list and comment with ideas of your own!

John S.:   Almonds

Allison C.: cheese/dried fruit/nut combo

Javela S.:  Yogurt with nuts and/or fruit

Lee M.:  Apple; carrot; vegetable and/or fruit smoothie; boiled egg; piece of meat

Paula K.:  Edamame with a little salt

Wendy W.: peanut butter filled celery sticks

Hillary K.  Clementine orange

Patrick V.:  Almonds; yogurt; jerky; protein bars; water; peanut M&Ms as a treat

Kristen M.: Hummus and pita chips/veggies; trail mix

Larry E.: Triple Zero yogurt with frozen blueberries

Steve.: Craze box

Lynda M.: cashews or raisins

Unique H.: Amonds, cashews or fruit medley

Amy H.: walnuts; Cutie clementines

Elisa R.: Watermelon; cut up cucumber, sometimes with a little salt

Rebecca K.: nuts, cheese, hummus

Christopher R.: almonds

Richard G.: water

Mariah W.: Cheese or avacado spread on Ezekiel toast with fruit; apply with peanut butter; yougurt, berries, homemade granola; carrots and hummus

Chris E.: Kind bars, Think Thin bars, almonds

Bucky B.: Natures Bakery bars; mixed nuts

Sheila H.: two slices of deli meat wrapped around a piece of string cheese; banana

Toni K.: apples with peanut butter; carrots with vegetable dip

Dave C.: almonds, carrots, grapes

Bobby T.: wasabi almonds

Cindy H.: Laughing Cow cheese wedge with lLight Rye Wasa crackers; slice of turkey; slices of cucumber

Kim R.: strawberries; Sahale snacks

Ricky H.: beef jerkey

Richard H.: peanuts and raisins with dried cranberries

Sue M.: apple

Sherry B: almonds; sliced apple; yogurt with chopped nuts

Brenda B.: Halo clementine

Dana H.: Greek yogurt with honey & Oats bar crushed on top

Beth B.(me!): cottage cheese with nuts, seeds, microgreens sprinkled on top; smoothie

Keith B:.  Fruit, Clif bars

Your turn: What’s your favorite healthy snack to enjoy at work?

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