2022: Not Starting Out as I’d Hoped

Hello readers!

I had actually started a post in December, commenting on the holidays and blogging etc.

Then the holiday season came.  Sickness traveled through our family, holiday celebrations were canceled or truncated, a car broke down, we experienced what is somewhat unusual snow and cold in our region, and an extended family member’s health is precarious at the time of this writing. I’ve been in what I call hibernation for weeks, only emerging for the occasional errand or briefly seeing other human beings in real life.

It wasn’t how I planned to start a new year, yet God has been faithful. And because of my online work, and involvement in social media, my world is not as isolated as it could be.  These forms of interaction don’t match real life, but they have been a lifeline for a person like me, an ambivert, who needs a good dose of being around people as well as time alone.

So I decided to write this month to remind you of the channels through which we can interact, or you can receive what I “hope” are resources of blessing for YOUR life.  But first … some thoughts on our four topic pillars.

Honorable Living

I was asked to guest post on the Bible Study blog of Barbara Lynn Seibel.  She was doing a series on prayer, so I wrote “Thoughts on Prayers” based on a class I took this summer via The River Upstate.  The main point I tried to convey is that praying is a lot about listening and aligning requests with what God shows us, rather than just submitting a list of our preferred outcomes to Him.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Contact me.

Organized Productivity

Sometimes, we choose chaos because we are afraid of not being needed, experiencing boredom, being alone, or feeling insignificant. Years ago, when sharing a situation with a friend, she asked me the pointed question, “Do you like drama?” From her observation, I’d become too involved in overthinking the situation and it was a different perspective to consider.  Do you find yourself creating more to do? Getting overly involved in your family or friends’ lives? Making a project out of everything? Give some thought as to why that may be.

People Skills

Be willing to admit when you are wrong. Own it, fix it and move on. It’s actually freeing!

Enjoyment of Life

We had some unusual snow here in Upstate South Carolina in January. It was a treat for many people, especially kids and pets. Although my (indoor) cat Turbo didn’t think too much of it when I brought him on the porch, he didn’t mind it while cozy inside!

Freebie Focus

All freebies can be found on the Freebies page, but let me encourage you to enjoy these specific freebies this month:

February Hope Hints Sheet – a tip for every day

What I Love About Me Worksheet

Circles of Friendship – a free e-version of my latest book, will be available every Friday in February and on February 14 on Amazon. The print version makes for a better experience, but the print preview will give you the content as well.

Social Media Opportunities

Check out my social media channels for engagement in a variety of ways.  The basic framework I use is as follows:

I appreciate everyone who reads and engages. Thanks for joining me on this journey of life!

With hope, Beth


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