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Is it "Already Set Up?"

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It jumped out at me in my daily Scripture reading.

“…say to the owner, “the Teacher asks: Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?’ He will take you upstairs to a large room that is already set up. That is where you should prepare our meal.” Luke 22:11-12 NLT


Already. Set. Up.

I wonder about the owner of this home. Did he host guests often? Was it an inn?

Jesus seemed to know this guest room would be available for one of the most important events of His–and His disciples–lives. Jesus was confident that the person in charge of that house would have a room already set up.  We aren’t told whether Jesus made any arrangements with him ahead of time or not.

But what joy for that owner to be prepared enough–to not be taken off guard.

In running a business like HOPE Unlimited, much of our service to others is behind the scenes. I confess, sometimes it feels less important than the “on stage” side of many of my client’s lives. I’ve been on stage before, and sometimes I miss it.

But verses like these, and the ones about servant leadership that I also happened to read that day, remind me that my business is about helping others. We are in the background making sure things are “already set up.”

As I recall a few tasks that we helped clients with so that their initiatives were “already set up” a smile comes to my face:

  • Seeing the graduation photo of a young man I’ve never met, but for whom I arranged a college visit in his chosen field–and knowing he is heading to pursue that career.
  • Taking charge of an International Symposium of leadership authors to be held via 26 online posts while my clients were in Southest Asia.
  • Having a follow up email with bullet points reinforcing a valuable session on brain science ready to send when the list of engineers was sent to us.

Don’t take for granted the role you play if you have a behind-the-scenes job. Much confusion is avoided, and better results can occur, when we give responsible attention to making sure things are “already set up” for our clients, co-workers, and managers.

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