Get them Going and Have Their Backs

Accelerator Backer

Are you able to motivate the people around you? Do you have their backs?

Good leaders (even if not assigned to a team officially) are able to influence and motivate others. They act as accelerators, moving the team along.

In the business world, an accelerator looks beyond the stats to what those numbers really mean. For example, your company may handle 25 phone calls a day. But the real meaning behind the measure is how satisfied each of those callers are with their experience interacting with your front line.

A good accelerator can take those numbers and translate (remember that role, too) them into meaningful inspiration to move the team to achieve even more.

In the process of achieving more though, you have to have their backs. Are you quick to throw others under the bus to protect your own repuation? Or are you willing to take a proverbial bullet for your team?

Last night I was watching an episode of Castle, where Ryan jumped in front of his partner to save his life. Fortunately, Ryan’s life was protected by a notebook in his jacket pocket. (Not sure how realistic that is, but work with me here.) Ryan didn’t hesitate to take a bullet–to put himself in harm’s way. And his effort proved his loyalty to his partner at a time when they were having a lot of trouble with each other. It gave great new perspective.

Your team will be loyal when they know you are willing to back them. This doesn’t mean covering for bad behavior, but to be willing to take responsibility when the results aren’t good.

Motivate your team–inspire them to keep moving. But even more, have their backs in the process.

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