email frustration

Does He Ever Answer Email?

“Does he ever answer email?”

“Will she ever respond to what I send her?”

Do you ever say, or at least feel that about a teammate or client that does not appear to ever check his/her email?

One of the most frustrating things I observe in business life is the lack of response from people. I am sometimes amazed about it.

For example, at this writing, I had sent an email to a couple of people I had served on a team with. One was an apology.

At the time of this writing, weeks later, these emails have never been acknowledged.

To be fair, these emails don’t necessarily need an answer, although based on the dialog included, it would seem at least a quick acknowledgment would be in order. I suspect that since I sent them to an email box that is separate from others they use, (even though it is one they are supposed to monitor) they may not have even seen them yet.

And that’s not the only example. I have a contact that never seems to answer any email I’ve ever sent, yet claims that is their email box. I rarely use email to contact them, for obvious reasons.

I could go on, mentioning people who want work or business who don’t respond with information requested, etc. (How much business and potential money is lost by not responding to potential clients or employers?)

Would people say that about you? Would they have to find alternative ways to contact you out of fear that you’ll never answer?

If you are in business for yourself, and are not monitoring email well, you may be losing opportunities. People will go elsewhere if they don’t hear back in a timely way. Get some help if you need it, but do something about it. Your clients, colleagues and potential customers are waiting!


HOPE can help you with your email. One of my regular tasks is customer/client service emails for a client. It helps them to serve their platform in a timely way. Another client hired us to help him  clear out inboxes (over 50,000 so far and we’re less than five hours into the package.) I’ll be helping him set up a better system. Contact me today if you’re ready to be off the list of those asking, “Does she/he ever answer their email?”

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