Client Spotlight: Shelley Row

International Speaker, Professional Engineer, Leadership Expert…and Recovering Over-Thinker

Watch Shelley in action
Shelley Row works with forward-thinking managers and leaders who must make fast, insightful decisions in the face of uncertainty and rapid change. Shelley’s original research through 77 executive interviews revealed the secret to effective decision-making: Use information and intuition. That research is validated through neuroscience.But Shelley’s work is grounded in more than just her research. Her life experiences taught her to think, feel, and act…and it made all the difference.


How HOPE Unlimited supports Shelley:

  • WordPress blog posting support
  • MailChimp email marketing/list management
  • Social media plan implementation
  • Creation of social media images and a social media library
  • Workflow suggestions

What Shelley says about HOPE:

Beth is amazing. She reads, synthesizes, and summarizes my work so that it can be shared with others. She manages and publishes my newsletter and makes sure it is distributed through social media channels. If it weren’t for her excellent work, far fewer people would have been engaged. She’s made my life easier and my work more robust. Thank you, Beth!

What HOPE says about Shelley:

Shelley is an interesting and well-spoken writer and speaker. I enjoy learning new things simply by reading her material! She’s open to my ideas, respects my gifts, and makes efforts to work ahead which smooths everyone’s workflow. She’s smart, helpful, and resilient. I’m glad we’re part of her team!

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