Our Policies and Practices

  • Beth Beutler is the owner and principal provider of services, although she utilizes an experienced team of contractors to scale the business to be able to support multiple clients.  She remains the main contact/coordinator for the client.
  • Beth is generally available for hands-on client work/coaching Monday - Thursdays between 9 and 4.  Her team is often available beyond that, serving our clients on Fridays, nights, and weekends as works best for their schedules.
  • Most work is done remotely, but depending on the circumstances, Beth is willing to occasionally do on-site visits/meetings/work sessions.
  • Pre-paid service accounts are non-refundable except in the case of an emergency on either side or a mutually agreed upon suspension of work.
  • While there is no minimum number of hours per week required, we do expect that we either are given enough work assignments and/or have at least one monthly meeting so that our working relationship can be considered an active one.
  • All clients should understand that when working with us, you are working with contractors who own their own businesses, not employees. We do our best to be available and professional for you, and in turn, expect you to understand that we decide what hours we can provide and when and the location from which we will serve you. We also may have multiple clients to serve and reserve the right to decline tasks that do not fit our skill set, interests or bandwidth.
  • If we do more than $600 worth of work for you in a calendar year, we will expect you to send us a 1099 by the end of January of the following year.
  • We will set up communication protocols with each client to ensure reliability and responsiveness.  We are familiar with a variety of tools, but prefer to use Asana and email over phone calls and texting.


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