They can't all be your best friend.

Throughout life, we experience many kinds of relationships. A commonly used descriptor in many of these connections is the word “friend.” We use it to refer to everything from social media acquaintances to our spouses and “BFFs/besties.” When someone is a friend, it can mean we have a deep and meaningful relationship with them, or it can mean we are simply familiar enough with them to feel a warm connection.

But not every relationship is warm and pleasant all of the time. Sometimes even the closest of friendships can experience challenges due to misunderstanding what the friendship means to all parties, lack of appreciation for the friendship in its current state, misplaced expectations, or other conflicts.

Because relationships can be challenging, it is helpful to step back and do a little defining of our circles of friendship. That is why I created this book – a guide to help YOU personally consider the friendships you have and gain more understanding, increase your gratitude, and manage your expectations in a healthier way.

Enjoy this example of an activity in this guided book journal. Crossword Puzzle Maker
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