Refresh! Helping you take breaks that work!

Rest Intentionally.

Activities that inspire you to take a few moments to breathe, relax or even take a cat nap!

Energize Yourself

Healthy suggestions for quick activities to provide a burst of energy.

Focus on What's Important

Guides for personal reflection on important values.

Revive your Inner Child

Kid-like activities to revive your inner child!

Entertain Your Mind and Spirit

Word finds, crosswords, and activities to help you simply have fun!

Sense Your Senses

Prompters to pay better attention to your five senses in your day-to-day life.

Help and Refresh Others

Specific prompters to help you help, appreciate and refresh others, in the spirit of Proverbs 11:25.

What is Refresh?

Refresh is a collection of simple exercises you can use during pauses in your day. The pages can be printed out to fit into a journal or planner, or tucked into a laptop case.  It's meant to encourage you to take a moment to breathe and think about valuable things.

While these resources are offered for free, we are grateful for our Coffee Club who help fund our content efforts.


Refresh will work for anyone who desires to sit, think, process, and put pencil to paper. I suspect that many professionals need to carve out times to take a breath, have a little fun, and refresh themselves and these activities are a fit to make small pockets of time more meaningful.

- Jane A. Chief Encouragement Officer, writer

My professional life rarely gives me time for a break. But when I tried this resource, it reminded me how important it is to my life and career to stop and breathe. Some of the prompters made me think--others helped me have a few moments of simple fun. I was glad I allowed myself a few minutes for a refreshing and interesting break using this resource.

-Judy B. Supervisor, Clinic Office Operations

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