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Quick Win Admin

Sometimes you need a skilled executive assistant to help you with one task. Maybe you don't need an ongoing relationship with an EA but would really like to have her/him give you feedback on your resume. Or do some quick research for an upcoming trip.  Or place an order.  Or have a brief strategy session on any business soft skill topic.

Our Quick Win Admin service allows you to request our help and pay us what you want. You heard that right - pay whatever it's worth to you to have that task off your mind or the professional feedback you desire.  Here are thoughts from a couple of professionals we've helped:

"Thank you so much for your objective feedback on my resume. It gave me the new direction I needed to go in order to present my skills and experience in a targeted way to potential employers."  

Thank you so much for your help as we added to our team. Your recommendation is working out so well!

Contact Beth if you need a quick win!  We'll dialog about your need and decide if Quick Win Admin is right for you. Once the task or meeting is done, you'll receive a link to pay what you want or you can send a check to our PO Box!  That's all there is to it.

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