EAsy Start Package

An EASY Path to Getting the Services and Resources You Need!

EASY - Excellent Assistance and Support for YOU

The EASY Start plan is designed specifically for new clients who expect to build an ongoing relationship with us.

It is a required first step because it ...

  • Helps you try a relationship with us with a minimal financial commitment, but a commitment nonetheless ... which is an important element of discovering how serious you are about support.
  • Allows you to provide us needed information incrementally.
  • Gives you assistance in narrowing down your biggest needs, or "pain points" in your work (or personal) life.
  • Gives us the time to consider the unique rhythm, relationship, and results that could come from our collaboration long-term, if both parties are agreeable.

How It Works

  1. All potential clients receive a free Get Acquainted Session (generally running 15-30 minutes).  During that meeting, we determine if it's a mutual fit to have a 30-day trial period, or if our A'La Carte choices are a better option.
  2. We invoice you for an $80 non-refundable fee to start a 30-day  non-extendable service agreement. At this time, we also schedule an Ending Evaluation meeting to occur the last week of the period. This deposit covers up to two hours of work for you. The agreement will NOT be extended and will end on the Friday closest to the 30-day mark regardless of whether sufficient tasks for the time purchased have been given.
  3. We work with you, and for you during the 30-day period to identify support, coaching and/or resource needs during our normal business-hour approach (Mon - Thur, 9-3.)  We intentionally identify just a few needs as an exercise in prioritization and getting to know each other's rhythms and to help build an important foundation based on order and succinct process management.
  4. We hold the Ending Evaluation meeting to discuss what went well, what could have been better, and whether we feel our working style is a great fit for each other going forward. We then provide you with an invoice for all the hours worked at $40/hour, deducting the initial deposit.  If you decide to add a prepaid service account, we will also add that to your bill and move you into that tier of service.
  5. From there, you continue to replenish your service account according to our normal routine, enjoying an approximately 12% discount going forward when you use 10 or 20-hour replenishment packages.

What are you waiting for? Come take a seat at our table!

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