A' La Carte Experiences
The following standalone experiences and services help us serve you using a more focused approach.  These are best for clients who need us occasionally and have an intentional, specific goal. Clients using our (PSA) pre-paid account services have the privilege of enjoying any combination of "*" services as needed, deducted from their account at the hourly rate for the package they have selected.  They also enjoy a discount in exchange for the expectation of regular, monthly work.

To book any of these, please use my calendar link and select a slot for your service. All slots are 60 minutes in the tool, but the actual time may differ. 

*Continuous Improvement Coaching $22.50 per half hour
Meet with Beth via Zoom or Google Meet as needed for 30 minutes of sound boarding/coaching in any area of personal or professional life in which you'd like continuous improvement. Billed following each session.

*Continuous Improvement Accountability $35 per month
Want some accountability for making continuous improvements in your work or personal life? This flat-fee service provides you four weekly check-ins per month by your choice of email, FB messenger, texting, Linked In Messaging or Marco Polo where you update Beth on your successes, challenges, and plan for continuing improvements the following week. Messages will be sent on a day of your choice, Mon-Thu and content/dialog will develop over time to best suit the client (i.e. suggested resources, congratulatory surprises, etc.) Note: this does not include hands-on VA work nor video meetings.

*Virtual Co-Work and Coffee Experience - up to one hour - $50
Have a stack of articles to catalog? Want accountability for getting your word count in for the day? Simply need some company to fight WFH isolation blues? I'll join you in a "cameras on" Google Meet video session either assisting directly or keeping you on track while we knock out that pesky project or make progress on that goal you haven't given much time to on your own. Includes a follow-up surprise sent after invoice is paid.

*Administrative Stress Reduction Intensive  - up to one hour - $50
Beth will spend up to an hour with you, consulting and coaching you about better ways to deal with your choice of one or two frustrating administrative issues such as email, calendar, or task management (or something else). She'll help you craft a plan to keep you feeling efficient and calm in the future! Includes a follow-up surprise sent after invoice is paid.

DISCovery Experience - up to 75 minutes - $75
Using an informal DISC-based temperament tool that you will fill out ahead of time, Beth will go over the four main temperaments and your unique blend, coaching you on how to interact with the other people in your life more effectively, and how your temperament affects your approach to organization/administration elements of your life.  Requires a 50% deposit to book.

Soft Skills Excellence Session - up to 75 minutes - $75 / $10 each additional person
Pick a soft skills theme such as emotional intelligence, temperament, leadership, time management, communication skills (or something else) and I will create an interactive coaching conversation/presentation for you (alone) or for you and or your team/circle of friends.  Requires a 50% deposit to book.

Virtual Team or Friendship Bonding Experience - up to 75 minutes - $100 (up to 15 people)
Beth will conduct a variety of bonding games and exercises via a "cameras-on" video call to help your team or group of friends have some unique fun and further strengthen your bond as human beings. After the session, she'll send the host a Kindle copy of their choice of her books "Boost Your Workplace Morale" or "Circles of Friendship."  Requires a 50% deposit to book.

Live Speaking Events
Beth has had a variety of speaking experiences in her career and can customize a presentation for your group, and even help with administrative details of the event. Proposals are created for each organization based on their needs.

Ready to book or talk more?  Contact Beth!





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